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Oral sex from Kiev escorts agency girl — Most of all in you it is pleasant to me. Your handbag. Such cool! “Dirt”
— Original colouring at a jacket. It that, dirty? “Old Kiev escorts woman”
— What you beautiful, you has well remained. Probably, the former Kiev escorts model? (Mean that it is similar to the old woman.) «they different»
— What beautiful legs. One is more harmonous another (speak so that she has thought that her feet, probably, curves.)
— What beautiful blue eyes, one another! «How many forces you spend for beauty?»
— Such harmonous. You Keep to a diet?
— You such feet. What is the time you spend, that them to shave? rigid they need to be said and only to very beautiful and causing Kiev escorts women.

The simple Kiev escorts girl on these takes offence. Beautiful understands that you hook it and over it, and will catch from it a high together with you. But thus you all the same will dump it from a pedestal, will reduce in it a few arrogance. You can tell to the smart and effective person: «Faugh. It is dressed, how for work, you always so put on?» Your language of a body thus should show that it very much is pleasant to you. And then the necessary effect will be reached. read more →

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Hot Kiev escort female That is why”THOUGH”so remarkably works. It is time to understand with a situation when the Kiev escort girl herself will start you to touch. — the young man, what, at you pincers? — Already at you. Such girls should be put immediately into place. Use for this purpose the estimated frame.
Estimate qualities of the interlocutor or itself. Befoul the compliment, for example: You are a sea Kiev escort lady. You smell as the sea. And a small fish…

— Look great!. Thumped yesterday? Well operates, when you look at it, as on the Kiev escort girl: as though from above and with love. You show to it: I indulgently concern your nonsense. I above it. What the silly you will tell? But thus you are silent. Aloud you can tell everything, besides, that can offend her, not Forget. The matter is that each of us wants to feel individuality, not such, as other people. We want, that in us there was something especial. And us interests that especial other people can see in us. Therefore this variant works so in a fantastic way.

He allows to the Kiev escort person to feel and see that we have found something in it unique that have not seen others. Structure: the Initiator -» the Compliment -» Other party-> the Comment -» the Instruction to actions. For clearness I will result very simple example. You say that there is one party of the person of the Kiev escort girl, read more →

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Enjoy Kiev escorts model That else is pleasant to me — the comment in this kind can be not connected in any way with a reality.
For example: «You want to relax, because your pupils are expanded, and hands are combined cross-wise». No communication is present. The Kiev escorts person has a question: «And at what here it? How you define?» — Also it is one more occasion to develop further communications. But that is important: it is already interesting to it with you!
If you have noticed that the Kiev escorts girl is very sensitive to that you have touched it casually (in public, for example, or on a dancing) then simply tell: «You sharply react to touches, but it because. You very sensitive and simply lose control over yourself when the man touches you. Therefore you so carefully go always and try not to concern other people, I have noticed for a long time it!»
If you see and feel affectedness and insincerity, or the too sharply expressed attractiveness in the Kiev escorts girl then you can test this reception at any time. It works in any variant. Simply tell to the girl that it proves to be not that person whom is actually. It is good to tell it to Kiev escorts girls who look strictly, officially, are similar to careerists. It is important to cause in them a condition promoting a seducing, flirtation, ease.
Here an example which successfully will help you with it: «You look as the serious adult person, and many people so think, but I know is better! read more →

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Perfect Ukrainian escorts female «. Not. Faugh…» Ukrainian escorts girl laughs, I approach to it. It just has measured at this time boots.
Also I speak: — In these boots it is necessary to fill trousers, will look much more abruptly.
She starts to play eyes:
— Why?
— Well, in such boots it is accepted to fill panties in army.
— And to you it is pleasant, how they look?
— Well if to fill trousers. Anything.
— The matter is that they
— Awfully expensive, and I think, to take them or No.
— It is strange, look cheaply. I see that this Ukrainian escorts girl— very rich and beautiful, status. Therefore I also do constantly that it to confuse. I am to a saleswoman:
— And give so. You give me of 5 percent of a discount and then the Ukrainian escort girls will buy these boots from you:) — So will not go. — everything, do not take these boots:) the Saleswoman: — the Young man, you ugly conduct yourselves. — yes, I such.
I am to a Ukrainian escorts girl: — Yes, by the way, I do not advise in them in club to go, — if somebody a little strikes you in them here so (gently kick a boot) it will be sick.
The girl: — My God, do not beat me. But the positive smile has sliped on her face. I knew that it will be pleasant to it. I: — At once you try to tempt, trite:) The saleswoman in shock costs — on it an attention zero, the Ukrainian escorts girl laughs, I leave.

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Independent Ukraine escort agency model But itself be assured of sincerity of a compliment which you say, and convince that you from the Ukraine escort girl reliably hide true intention. compliments with Imagine, how many wonderful words the beautiful Ukraine escort girl in the address daily hears. As it is pleasant to it to hear it.

She feels irresistible, is full of self-trust and with a dead-pan accepts a pile of compliments from the next guy to whom it was pleasant. There were at you such Ukraine escort women? We in the previous chapter spoke about correct compliments. That the compliment should be non-standard. Now I will tell to you that it is possible to make with any standard compliment a la «You — beautiful» that it has worked on the Ukraine escort girl how it is necessary, that it you has allocated you from crowd of other people which load with presents its compliments.

The structure to Find any quality-> to Say standard komplement. Three rules of compliments with:
1. Hook it, but only concerning those things which the Ukraine escort woman can correct in itself; thus do not cut her to the quick and do not offend.
2. Tell a compliment playfully, as to the little sister.
3. Be assured, do not forget about body language. Find in the Ukraine escort girl what it Is proud or that it is pleasant to you. That, on what turn its attention on 1000 times in the course of the day. read more →